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Why Everyone Either Prefer Collagen Or Biotin For Hair Growth?

Biotin also popular as vitamin b7 and collagen are both required and excellent for our hair growth. Biotin is a vitamin that supports our hair roots and provides other health benefits as well. It includes boosting metabolism, brain functions, and immunity power. On the other hand, collagen is the protein that our body makes naturally to strengthen our connective tissues, hair, and bones. We need collagen and biotin for hair growth and better hair volume. Lacking any of these can trigger several hair problems. For instance, dandruff, dry scalp, hair fall, weak hair roots, and many more. Therefore, we will look at why we need both of them in an adequate amount to maintain our good hair health.

Are Biotin Or Collagen Good For Hair Growth?

Increases The Hair Follicle Rate

The hair follicle is the opening cell on your skin where your hair grows. The better your hair follicle rate will be, the more hair volume you will have. It is also responsible for your hair color, growth, and shine. Please note that you need both collage and biotin for hair growth and a better rate of the hair follicle. Collagen has the presence of certain amino acids that are excellent for our hair. It penetrates them into our hair roots, making them stronger and longer. Studies suggest that the combination of protein and amino acids is an excellent choice for the betterment of our hair. Biotin also has a similar role to play in this case. It can trigger the specific hormones in our bodies that eventually boost our hair. The only difference is that we do not produce biotin naturally inside our bodies. Hence, we can either have it through food or supplements to see its benefits.

Stimulate The Production Of Hair Proteins

Now that we know how collagen and biotin benefits for hair growth, let's get more scientific about it. One of the most common reasons for healthy hair growth is the production of good amounts of hair protein. While collagen itself is a protein, the biotin needs to put extra effort. The role both of them play here is quite different but useful. Any hair skin nail supplement you find that has collagen as a prime ingredient focuses on hair and body proteins. Collagen increases that production, not too much, to a level where it is beneficial for us. Hence, the higher volume of the protein, the better hair volume, and growth. Coming back to biotin, it has to stimulate keratin production. The advantage of the same is that it smoothens and strengthens our hair strands. The result of this process is glossy and strong hair. So again, you require both of them to produce and continue the production of good hair proteins.

Get To Enjoy The Benefits Of Multivitamin With Biotin & Collagen

When you are purchasing supplements, be it biotin or collagen, you are also getting some extra essential vitamins and minerals. Those are going to be favorable to you as they act as a support for both of their jobs. It is because the supplement brands include those nutrients in their products that are also supportive of solving hair issues. So, if it is a biotin vitamin supplements, it will also have vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, etc. All of them have different qualities that they serve. For instance, they can boost collagen production, protect hair roots, reverse hair fall, and many more. Even if we talk about collagen supplements, they will most likely carry antioxidant elements like lutein or lycopene. With their help, they kill the oxidative stress from our hair and prevent them from any potential damage. We will discuss this point further in a while.

Dermatologists Recommend Both For Hair Regrowth Treatment

The issue of regrowth is tougher to solve than normal hair growth. It is because the nutrients have to fight the issues causing baldness or bald patches. After that, they are able to help us regrow our hair by producing and stimulating hair protein. One can use collagen or biotin for hair growth, but when it comes to regrowth treatment, there is definitely a requirement for some other vitamins and minerals. The lack of biotin can cause hair thinning and also trigger terrible hair loss. Therefore, if your bald patches are happening because of the deficiency in biotin, you know what to do. Collagen is one of the most reliable proteins for hair regrowth. It can build and repair our hair roots that can again bring back our lost hair. It may take three to six months for collagen to show results. In the meantime, we will suggest you put extra effort into your hair care routine to fasten the results or hair regrowth.

Protect Them From Oxidative Stress & Damage

Many individuals have shared how oxidative stress has damaged their hair and skin. Even though there are multiple biotin benefits for skin, we need real antioxidants that can cure the side effects and protect our skin and hair roots. However, that does not snatch away the crucial role that biotin plays. It manages the level of our oxidations so that we do not have to face that stress. Biotin is capable of balancing our stomach acids and antioxidants as well. Its multiple abilities and functions are why people prefer biotin for hair growth. Coming back to collagen, it can raise the intracellular oxidant levels in our bodies. So, it might not be as suggestible for resolving this issue as biotin. Excessive collagen can be the reason we may need support from antioxidants for the better health of our hair and skin. Even though collagen is excellent for different purposes, in this case, we would require more biotin and other minerals.

Is It Safe To Use Collagen Or Biotin For Hair Growth?

Hopefully, these points were able to give you a clear picture of why they both carry their own significance. Whether you want to improve the quality of hair or fight hair problems, you need them in every case. Be it through hair products or food, each one of us has to maintain good levels of both of these components. The above said benefits are the reason why they are so popular among the best supplements for skin & hair. They can easily cure troubles like acne, brittle nails, hair issues, etc. Not to forget, the other health benefits that they bring with them are also advantageous for us. Hence, it's time that you start having biotin and collagen-rich food & supplements. So, the correct answer to whether I need to focus on collagen or biotin for hair growth is both.

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